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Update from Meeting of 9-05-2005


1.      All members were present as well as Ken Miccio for advice and consultation as a retired member.

2.     A $25 increase in membership for the next year was agrred upon and the budget was approved to be presented on the 17th.

3.     Vice President Reilly was given authority to purchase 500 gals. propane and make decision where to buy.

4.     Statements and receipts are still being organized in office.

5.     President Roland reported about planned purchasing for liquor taking advantage of the monthly sales through PA online.  Stated planns to do the same with kitchen purchasing.

6.     It was clarified that President Roland would be in charge of any banking for the rental and catering account.

7.     All agreed that waiting for November to pay taxes would be better in the long run.

8.     Visiting retired member Miccio brought up old business he would like to see the new board complete.  The sign for the clubhouse to be at the corner of Club House Dr and Coolbaugh Rd. & Also encouraged that efforts continue in bringing about the merger with LLCA.

9.     All agreed to go ahead with member dinner dance if over 40 RSVPed.  Letters with tickets would go out within the next few days. 

10.   Vice President Reilly is to talk with Mark to coordinate the effort to clear the overgrowth near the damn.

11.   President Roland informed all she would replace the broken lock on the back door.

12.  Hope to see everyone at the General Meeting on the 17th!