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Update from Special Member Meeting of 12-18-05


Meeting called to order.  Presided over by the  president Maureen Roland. Board introduced themselves in a role call.   Present were: Vice President, Jack Reilly, Secretary/Treasurer, Celia Van Duyne, Director, John Mallin.  All were informed that Patrick Gilmartin was absent.  Recording secretary Š Mary Beth Vrazel.  Sign-up sheet showed the quorum was met (needed only 9), 24 present. 


  1. Van Duyne read the new proposed amendment as it was sent in the mail to all members.   Then opened the floor to questions.
  2. Don Surgent pointed out that he felt the new by-law conflicted with section 301 concerning regular members.  He thought it seemed to conflict with associate members too.  Why is there a difference?  Others stated they didnÕt see the conflict, others stated that it seems necessary to delineate between members who live here and those who donÕt.   The addendum to the new charter by-law was simply to protect the investment whereas regular membership isnÕt an investment.  Roland stated this matter would be brought to the lawyer, and as it would be a different section, it didnÕt affect this particular vote.
  3. Vote was taken.  The board had to clear all votes handed in from those who were present.  It was determined that of those sent in 16 were not present at the meeting.  3 of those were nays and 13 were yeahs.  Of those present at the meeting 23, only one was a nay.  So the majority of respondents were for the change. 
  4. Gary Whepley pointed out that in the by-laws the language used indicates a majority of members was needed for it to be passed.  Roland informed him that the lawyer had clearly told her it was the majority present.  Whepley stated that a letter of opinion from the lawyer could verify that legally.  Roland stated that would be taken care of.
  5. Devivo motioned to accept and Jimmy Van Duyne seconded it.  Roland adjourned the meeting.