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Update from board Meeting of 11-26-05

  1. All Directors were present. Vrazel handed out minutes of October’s meeting.  Celia motioned to accept it after everyone read them and Jack seconded it – all were in favor.
  2. Roland presented the Lake Proposal to be presented to the Leisure Lands board of directors.  Van Duyne read them aloud.  Discussion ensued regarding how something like this could be passed.  Gilmartin concluded sagely, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
  3. Roland also informed all that the generator instructions, which she showed all, were to be posted down stairs by the flash lights in the liquor room.
  4. Mallin proposed a by-law amendment regarding Charter Members who sell their houses – to give the option to remain a member while not being a Leisure Lands resident.  This could be accomplished if the member continued to pay the yearly dues and assessments.  All were in favor.  He also questioned what the redemption fee mentioned in the by-laws would be?  It was determined that that would be the initial amount put forward – so also added in the amendment would state this as $75.
  5. Roland then proposed the by-law amendment put forth by Audrey Pappas regarding a regular member moving up to Charter Member status.  It was determined that this could be done after researching similar organizations and consulting the attorney for Lakeview.  Roland presented that Charter Membership worth could be determined with the following formula:  Current Lakeview Worth (land, facilities & license)- less debt / divided by current amount of charter member = equals a prorated share of total worth.  Reilly made the motion to accept the proposal to amend the by-laws.  Van Duyne seconded it and all were in favor. 
  6. Mallin motioned for approval and Gilmartin seconded it.  All were in favor.  It was determined that votes must be postdated by December 15th to be valid.  Votes not received would be counted as yes votes.  Majority of total membership required (45). 
  7. Cocktail party for the membership scheduled for December 10th.  1 Free drink and free eats.
  8. Reilly asked about taxes.  $3800 short of funds, Reilly motioned to accept Van Duyne’s proposal to take it from the line of credit, Van Duyne seconded it.  All were in favor.
  9. Next meeting set for December 19th at 7:45 pm.  Roland adjourned the meeting.

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