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Update from board Meeting of 10-05-05

1.      All members were present as well as Ken Miccio for advice and consultation as a retired member.

2.     Roland showed everyone the ad to go in Leisure Lands Newsletter.

3.      Members Audrey and Lou Pappas procured a great buy for the clubhouse - Members Audrey and Lou Pappas procured a great buy on a generator and will deliver it by Friday.  Need a few hands to help get it off the truck.

4.     Need to replace the 2 bathhouse doors, they are 32, we only have a 30 must purchase them new.  Also the bar door was checked its 36 and it seems to be fine.

5.      Insurance is due, $3100.

6.     Taxes (due $7100) We had a meeting with the Tax Assessment Office they drop us from category_____ to a category____. We need to have all residents of Leisure Lands to be exempt from taxes.  (Bring up New Lake Proposal)

7.     Discuss the proposal for the LLCA to obtain lake rights from us for the entire community (vote taken all in favor)

8.     750 gallons of oil was purchased at $2.29 gal. Berwick should be taken over shortly (propane).

9.     Carpet for the back dining room is $7.00 a square yard will be coming in approx 3 weeks ($448.00) 64 sq. yds.  Ordered Thurs 10/6/05

10.   Kids Room window  needs to be fixed, Jim will order from Mesko ($70)

11.   Set next year annual dinner dance and annual meeting for the same day (early notice) for 3rd or last Sat. of August 2006.

12.   Exterminator Set for April through Sept 2006 (We keep up spraying till then)

13.   Next meeting set for Tues. Nov. 22, 2005

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