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Update from Board Meeting     -   January 29, 2006

All directors were present except director John Mallin.  Recording secretary Š Mary Beth Vrazel.


1.      Roland handed out  Z totals for the past 3 months.

2.     Also handed out the anonymous benefactorÕs mortgage note information.  All read and discussed.  Van Duyne made a motion to give Clark Connor a call for advice.  Reilly seconded and all were in favor.

3.      Roland presented that a package needed to be sent out to members containing:

a.     Letter regarding amemdment change with signatures.

b.      All new bylwas included with Charter Membership certificate.

c.      Overview letter with membership dues at $275 by 3/30/06, $300 by May 1st and $325 after.

d.     Also included, the 5 year plan Š with contigency for those who might move or sell to just be charged regular price for time used.

e.      Letter concerning free membership dance to be on same day as annual membership meeting.  Tentative date Aug. 19th.

4.     Marianne Catanese to do 50/50 tickets by April 1st with the drawing date on Labor day Š 200 tickets.

5.      Roland proposed using any monies coming in with the 5 year plan to go toward capitol improvement.  Extending the Bar and Dining Rooms. Was agreed monies could go to capitol improvements.  Reilly motioned, Gilmartin second and all were in favor.

6.     Roland requested from VanDuyne receipts from last yearÕs machine commission and vending key. 

7.     Monthly expenses are to be put on payout expense sheet for a easy to read expense report.  Travel expense too.  Can still do payout from register but must be recorded on the expense form.  Roland has the two forms (travel expense and petty cash expense).

8.     Roland suggested getting a credit card as that would also be a handy reference for pay outs.  Roland will look into it

9.     Executive meeting closed and opened to public.  Eli and Marianne join.

10.   Marianne agrees to do tickets.

11.   Eli presents new TV recommendation Š has info on Blue Ridge, Dish and pay per view?  Do we have residential or commertial?  Reilly got the bill and we are listed as commercial.  Eli will have to get new info, only has residential info.  He recommends changing to Dish,  he will also research internet access hotspot for the clubhouse.

12.   Roland will meet Tuesday with Marianne regarding wedding contract.  Also MarianneÕs fatherÕs beer tap (remember to get tap system from Kenny).

13.   Need to get permits (Scott was later asked to consult with Roland during the week for specifics to permit request.