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Leisure Lands Community Association Inc.
100 Leisure Lands
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
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Letter from the President

Since it's inception, Leisure Lands Community Association, Inc. has been dedicated to making this community a better place to live. Some improvements include the acquisition of the ball field and several individual lots, which total approximately 20-25 acres which will be designated as 'open space'. Much hard work by previous board members and committee members went towards maintaining our roads, enforcing our by-laws and thereby making Leisure Lands one of the better communities here in the Poconos. My heartfelt thanks go out to all the previous board members for their hard work and dedication.

As your newest Association President, I hope to stay the course our predecessors have laid out and continue to improve living conditions here in Leisure Lands. But this Board of Directors cannot carry out our objectives without the help of each and every member of Leisure Lands Community. By volunteering to work on one of the many committees, we all can be instrumental in maintaining a high quality of life in Leisure Lands. By paying our association dues and road fees on time, we can ensure that the Association has the funds to function properly as well as to maintain our roads and common properties.

This current Board of Directors is dedicated to continually improving conditions here in Leisure Lands. And with the help of every resident, we feel that Leisure Lands can remain the type of community in which we all want to live.

Mike Rutherford, President LLCAI


So far this year (dues year, October 2001 to September 2002) our collection rate is 70% of what it should be. Annual dues of $25 dollars in this "day and time", is a very small amount to provide for the operations of our community. To list a few of the expenses such as: insurance, legal, accounting, taxes, postage and maintenance has cost the association $6,391.31 as of March 31, 2002. With annual dues paid so far of $8,740.

The association will soon start its collection effort to recover the balance due of the association DUES money. While some property owners think they don't have to pay, they should talk to some of their neighbors who have recently been in court, and are now making payments on their road assessments. The coast of the court action, service fees and fines, have added additional expenses, not to mention the time it takes to show up for court.

Larry Krieger, Accounting

Road Report

First I would like to start by saying Thank You to all who have paid their share of the road dues. The roads are in good shape and I would like t o do even more, but funds are limited. Our road fund was down this year. We had to take several people to court and have won all cases. There are still good amounts who have not paid their fair share.

As you know the roads are the most important project in any development. The roads also increase you property value. I would like to have all main roads tarred and chipped in five (5) years. If everyone paid their fair share this might be possible.

Second, I would like to Thanks the road committee and others who repaired and painted the mailbox shed.


Bill Bennett, Road Master

Grievance Committee

The grievance committee is currently in the midst of reorganization. We are looking for members to join this worthwhile effort to handle and settle grievances in our Community. The committee only meets when we receive a grievance. It is the purpose of the Committee to try and handle all grievances in house. This is your community lets show our support. Anyone interested in joining please send your name to us at the association address above.

Gary Whelpley, Chairperson

Director's Report from Lisa Ogden

On August 17th, 3 board members and our accountant attended an 8 hour class entitled ABC's:A basic Course for Community Associations. This course was presented by the Pennsylvania-Deleware Valley chapter, Community Associations Institute. This course was very informative. We were able to speak with many other association's board members in the Pocono area and share ideas. We were given a lot of resourceful information that can be very helpful to the operation of a community association in order to serve all of our needs better.

Thank You

  • Editor - For the community newsletter
  • Woodworker- Carpenter needed for street signs
  • Typist - Do you have an hour or two occasionally to type documents
  • Lumberjacks - Do you have a chain saw and like to use it - help needed to cut trees.
  • Wood Stove Owners - Do you need wood - leave name and phone number
  • Crime watch volunteers - Committee is forming - contact Pat Rutherford at 570-223-1635
  • Articles - The newsletter needs articles or stories.
If you are interested in helping with any of the above please call 570-223-1473
Leave a message with the item you will Help with

Problem or Question


(570) 223-1473


Report from Restrictions Committee

We are currently in the process of following up on 2 zoning violations in Leisure Lands with the Middle Smithfield Township Zoning Officer. We are also awaiting a copy of the newest Township zoning Ordinances Handbook. Please be aware that Middle Smithfield Township is starting to enforce zoning ordinances for things like:

  • Unregistered vehicles kept on your property
  • Keeping of livestock, poultry and non-domesticated animals
  • Conducting a commercial business out of your residential home or property

And many others to name a few!

If you are unsure of anything that may have a zoning restriction contact the Association or call the Middle Smithfield Township Office and inquire.

Also remember that we have deed restrictions. They are in effect until April 1, 2005. We have formed a committee to review and revise the new deed restrictions for 2005.

Thank you - Lisa Ogden


Your Board

Mike Rutherford President
Don Watson Vice President - chairperson Road Committee
Robert Aikens Chairperson Grievance FCommittee
Lisa Ogden Chairperson Restrictions Committee
Tom Toolan  
Charles Lichtenstein  
Larry Krieger Accountant
William Bennett Road Master