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FALL OF 2002
Leisure Lands Community Association Inc.
100 Leisure Lands
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
Gary Whelpley, Editor

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A Message From the President

It's been an eventful several months since our last edition of the Leisure Times. Some good things happened and some not-so-good things happened. The association had a portion of Clubhouse Drive paved as well as tar and chipping on Clubhouse Circle and Overlook Drive. The Ball Field Committee purchased a new flagpole with funds raised through cookouts and donations. Compliance in obtaining building permits and resale certificates is getting better.

As you know, our Annual Meeting and corresponding elections were delayed by a few weeks causing concern in some of our fellow residents. After much debate, you, the members voted to accept the election results and therefore we welcome two new directors to the board, Charlie Maroni and Pasquale Cuocco.

The ATV debate still rages on. This situation has fueled many rumors and resulted in unfounded accusations. An ATV Committee was formed and headed by Greg Bresnen to investigate and gather information on the operations of ATV's on our roads. We are still waiting to hear from our insurance carrier to find out where they stand on the issue and we feel that their input is critical when it is time to make a decision on the matter.

Some members of our community feel that some sections of our by-laws are inadequate and should be Amended. A By-laws Amendment Committee was formed and is headed by Jack Reilly. This committee will figure out which sections should be changed and why, and they will bring their recommendations to the board. If any one has any ideas or concerns on this matter, please contact Jack Reilly.

Future projects include doing something with the pond area that will be beneficial to everyone, identifying and fixing problem areas of the community and continued improvements to our roads. But this board will need the help of each and every one of the members of the association. If you wish to get involved, now is the time. If you have any ideas that you feel will help, please let one of your board members know. All of our committees will welcome any new members with open arms.

Remember, this is your community. With your help, I feel we can improve living conditions and raise our property values. Have a safe Autumn.

Mike Rutherford, President LLCAI

Treasurer Report

Leisure Lands has just started its 5th year in collecting dues for the association. As you may know asking for money is always a difficult endeavor. If everyone pay their fair share, we would have the money to advance the following: Publishing the newsletter 4 times a year plus other mailings, maintenance and improvements of our common areas, such as our pond area and ball field, build a new mail house, general and liability insurance protection, taxes, and general operational expenses to run a community of our size.

This year we started adding past due amounts to our yearly billing. We apologize if you received a past due amount that you fell was not correct. Several calls were received and have been adjusted accordingly. We have had such a large turn over of new members in our community, in the past 2 years, and this is the first time we started adding past due amounts to the annual billing. There were a few property owners who's billing had been overstated. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

To all our new property owners, Association dues are paid yearly and billed in October. Our fiscal year is October 1st to September 30th currently. Also road assessments are billed February 1st every year. We thank everyone for his or her understanding and cooperation.

Larry Krieger, Accounting

Road Master

I hope you like what we did on the roads this year. We can do another section next year but we need your help. If everyone sends in their dues and sends it on time we can move forward. If not, we have to wait. Sometimes this wait can be one to two years - maybe even longer.

It is the law in Pennsylvania that everyone is a member of the association. It also states that everyone must pay their fair share. Ours is small and modest. So to those of you who pay on time and are up to date our thanks. To those of you who may have forgotten or are delayed we ask that you send in your money so that we can keep up the work on the roads so that we may all have a safe community.

Bill Bennett, Road Master

Grievance Committee

The grievance committee is currently in the midst of reorganization. We are looking for members to join this worthwhile effort to handle and settle grievances in our Community. The committee only meets when we receive a grievance. It is the purpose of the Committee to try and handle all grievances in house. This is your community lets show our support. Anyone interested in joining please send your name to us at the association address above.

Gary Whelpley, Chairperson

Director's Report from Lisa Ogden

On August 17th, 3 board members and our accountant attended an 8 hour class entitled ABC's:A basic Course for Community Associations. This course was presented by the Pennsylvania-Deleware Valley chapter, Community Associations Institute. This course was very informative. We were able to speak with many other association's board members in the Pocono area and share ideas. We were given a lot of resourceful information that can be very helpful to the operation of a community association in order to serve all of our needs better.

Thank You

  • Woodworker- Carpenter needed for street signs
  • Lumberjacks - Do you have a chain saw and like to use it - help needed to cut trees.
  • Wood Stove Owners - Do you need wood - leave name and phone number
  • Crime watch volunteers - Committee is forming - contact Pat Rutherford at 570-223-1635
  • Articles - The newsletter needs articles or stories to start a community page. Anyone with birth, death, marriage, engagements, etc....please submit to the new editor Gary Whelpley or mail to the Association.
If you are interested in helping with any of the above please call 570-223-1473

Have a problem you need help with, a question and no answer?

Need help with that question or problem?

That's what we are here for - to help you

Leisure Lands COMMUNITY Association

Phone (570) 223-1473

Lets Talk About the Pond

A pond committee is being formed to improve the pond area. The goal is to make it better for all of Leisure Lands residents to enjoy. We need to know the thoughts of the people of this community: especially the people who live in the homes around the pond.

We would like to do some improvements i.e.:cutting back brush and reeds. Someone said benches would be nice. Others said ice skating would be good also. We need to look into insurance options for activities on or around the pond. Also, we need to know property lines near the pond on the Coolbaugh Road side. Rumor has it hat someone bought the property from the Lyons family and is planning to build soon.

We need to know many things from many people in order to make a plane and implement it. If you have any information or suggestions (good or not so good), please send them to the above address and mark it attention Pond Committee or call at the above number.

VCR Charlie


Middle Smithfield Township Report

Submitted by Charles Maroni

I have recently attended a number of Middle Smithfield Township meetings on Zonings, Ordinances and a committee on a township police department. After attending I must report to all members that we must all become more involved in attending these township meetings and committees. Please consider how your taxes, safety and quality of life will be affected if you don't speak up and vote on local issues.

You can also keep up to date on various issues by using the township web site Middle Smithfield

New Zoning regulations are presently being worked on by the Supervisors and town planner. Middle Smithfield has just adopted a code to update and replace previous ordinances. This new Township Code governs our development along with our by-laws and deed restrictions.

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