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Message from the President

Well, we seem to have made it through another Pocono winter. As I’m sure most of you are aware, our roads didn’t fare too well. The road committee has identified the worst of the worst and they’ve put together plans to rebuild those sections that were hit especially hard. These will be major repairs that should hold up for several years.
Another committee that has been busy is the architectural committee. The architectural committee is responsible for keeping our community a “woodland community”. This committee is responsible for, among other things, making sure that contractors obey the rules of the community (Who wants to hear the noise of heavy machinery on a Sunday morning or see the neighboring lot clear-cut and left with no trees?). Moreover, with all the building going on lately, this committee has become a necessity. By all accounts, the architectural committee is doing a great job.
The grievance committee has been hard at work handling grievances in a professional manner. This committee is empowered to intervene when one or more residents have a grievance against another resident. All grievances are treated seriously and the committee does its best to reach a fair solution. While most complaints are settled voluntarily, some, unfortunately, end up in court.
The newsletter committee is responsible for keeping you informed. In each edition, you will find articles written by various committees. Our accountant will have an article informing you of the financial situation. You will also find useful information in our FYI section. There will also be articles concerning happenings around Leisure Lands as well as Middle Smithfield Township. If anyone wishes to submit an article, you may contact the editor at 570-223-1473.
All of these committees are working together to improve the common areas of Leisure Lands. Some roads will be widened to provide for parking for bus stops. The mailbox structure is going to be enlarged to make room for additional boxes. We are researching the possible purchase of some property to make the ball field and surrounding area larger. Another “Dumpster Day” is being planned so we can get rid of that hard to dispose of junk we all seem to accumulate. These projects, as well as the duties of all of our committees, are designed to improve the quality of life here in Leisure Lands and, at the same time, increase the property value of every unit.
Committees are what make the Association work. All of our committees are made up of hard working volunteers who only want to do what’s best for the community as a whole. Unfortunately, these committees can be stretched thin due to the lack of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, we could use your help. Just call 570-223-1473 and leave a message. One of our committee members will be glad to talk to you. Remember, we are all volunteers. See you on the ball field.

Mike Rutherford


Board of Directors
Mike Rutherford

Vice President---
Don Watson
Rob Aikens
Charlie Maroni
Lisa Ogden
Mike Catani
Tom Toolan

Larry Krieger

Newsletter Editor---
Gary Whelpley
Angelica Camacho

This newsletter is
Published four times a
year in conjunction
with the seasons.

Legal Update
On January 16, 2004, the case of LLCAI vs. Byron Gurtler was before the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County concerning the unauthorized construction of a shed.
The Court approved a stipulation whereby:
1. Mr Gurtler agreed to pay to the Association a fine in the amount of $1,000 (The
largest fine ever imposed by the Association.
2. Mr. Gurtler acknowledged that the construction of the shed without approval of the
board and the location of the shed are in violation of the covenants of the Association.
3. The shed must be removed from Mr. Gurtler’s property prior to any transfer of title of
the property at Mr. Gurtler’s expense.
4. Mr. Gurtler agreed to comply with any and all covenants, bylaws and rules and regulations of the Association and “any further violation thereof would subject him to
contempt of Court which would include the imposition of punitive damages, recouping
of association attorney’s fees and any other equitable relief”.
Other legal matters include pending court actions against several homeowners who are in violation of LLCAI restrictions concerning unlicensed/junk motor vehicles and trash and/or debris littering the property. Updates on the outcomes will be forthcoming when they become available.

The ball field committee is currently under going a re-organization. They are looking for volunteers. If you have the time or the knowledge and wish to lend a hand it would be most appreciated. This is a worthy endeavor for all. Do you know where your kids are? Give them a place to play come out and help keep it in shape. Please contact LLCAI at 570-223-1473 and leave your name and number and you will be contacted.
With Spring being here we are all in the process of getting our yards ready for the season and all our winter blues are put away. After the Pocono winter we are all looking forward to enjoying our outdoor life. But did you know that certain work requires both a permit from the Township and the Association. Check with both before anything is done. Save yourself some heart aches.
The association has been in the process of collecting back monies owed to them. Several cases have been taken to court and the outcome (as expected) was in the associations favor. To avoid court cost and the attorney fees please catch up if you are behind. It only affects the association and how they can provide service. No money—no service.
The road committee is still looking for volunteers. Please help out. Our roads need it.
LLCAI---100 Leisure Lands---East Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301---570-223-1473

General Community Meeting
April 17, 2004 at 10:00 A.M.

At the Ball field—Bring Lawn chairs
Rain Date: April 18, 2004 at 10:00 A.M.

by Larry Krieger

Another long winter looks like it is finally behind us. Now, if the spring weather will be kind and not, dare I say rain too much, fixing the 12 miles of roads will be a primary activity in Leisure Lands.
The current billing for road assessments has not reached its projected goal. Strangely the homeowners who use the roads the most, complain the most, have not paid their fair share at this time. The collection efforts are an on going process and anyone the association has taken to court; the association was awarded a judgement.


TOTAL INCOME 27,297.88



TOTAL ASSETS 68,889.06
EQUITY 35,519.75

Road Committee Report

With the winter season winding down, the roads are in very poor condition. We have major road repairs planned but we will have to wait for the temperatures to stabilize and the roads to dry out so that we can begin work.
The road committee is in need of volunteers. This is a chance for individuals to become involved in making decisions on maintenance, repair and financial decisions. If interested please call 570-223-1473 and leave your name and number and someone will call you back.
Mike Catani

It is with sadness that we must report the death of Caroline Bennett, wife of Bill Bennett.
Caroline passed away February 4th of this year. Caroline and Bill moved to Leisure Lands in 1985 and have lived here ever since. Bill had the honor of sharing his life with the most wonderful woman he ever knew for 58 years. It is with sincere sympathy that we send our condolences out to Mr. Bill Bennett. Caroline will be truly missed.

Leisure Times

Leisure Lands Community Association - Spring 2004