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Leisure Lands Community Association
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Lakeview Newsletter and Message Board

2006 Board Updates - (see 2005 below)
Board Meeting & General Membership Meeting Schedule:
Executive Budget Metting - To be announced
Annual Meeting - Tentatively set for August 19th
also Free Member Dance on the same date! 

Volunteer and Management Team Meetings
Notice will appear at least 7 days prior to meetings.

Monday February 20th, 2006 at 7 pm
Sunday March 12, 2006 at noon
Next meeting:
Sunday May 7th, 2006 at noon

2005 Board Meeting Updates

Before & After Pictures

The message from 2003, when the website was setup:
Just what is Lakeview Pool & Country Club? Why are we separate from Leisure Lands Community Association? Not quite sure but, whatever the mystery, you have a choice and hopefully have chosen to join. 
If you have chosen to be a member, perhaps you would like to get involved. It is a Volunteer Business. (Now if that's not an oxymoron what is?) As members, we are equal owners.
It's been about 5 years & lots of hard work.  We have a mortgage, a license and a rough structure set up to run. We are currently in the process of developing effective management through a management team . There is no reason this place isn't going to be a success and it's in our backyards, raising property values. We are trying to develop a volunteer core, organize a calendar, delegate events and tasks so that the club will run smoothly without being on just a few shoulders. We've had two newsletters in the past. The last newsletter called for a Volunteer Organization Meeting which was held Sunday Oct. 12, 2003. Thank you to all the volunteers and board members who showed up. Since then we have a new board, made many improvements to the physical space, set up a whole book for catering and rentals and so much more. We have been averaging about one Volunteer Meeing a month. If you have not made it to any and would like to be involved - please e-mail us, let us know you're out there. The ball is rolling. We have calendars for sign up and jobs to be done. 

Volunteer & Organize

First Dumpster Crew
Big Thankyou to Bill Kysor and Jennifer Gavette!

Message, comments, observations, Questions?!?! whatever:)