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Bar Rotations for Lakeview Pool & Country Club

Hours of Operation below - Note new Winter hours!!

New General Rotation to start March 10th:

  1. Marianne Catanese    
  2. Marie Gianetto
  3. Vivian Barrington

Saturday Only           Sunday Only

  • Eli Siegel                        Sean Aronsen
  • Sean Aronsen                 Celia Van Duyne

    SUBSTITUTES - Nancy Brennan, Crystal Brennan, Kristen DeFalco, Jack Reilly, Windy or Gary Whepley, & Nancy Yohe

    Winter Hours of Operation (until Labor Day)
    Sun : 3-7 pm
    Mon : 4-9 pm
    Fri.: 6-1 am, Dinner 7-9 pm
    Sat.: 4-1 am